How much will it cost to mix/master a song/album?

Our pricing is very competitive. Since rates will vary because of the length, complexity, amount of editing, amount of tracks and so on, feel free to drop us a line and request a quote here. All quotes are answered in less than 24 hs.

How long will it take to get my song ready?

Again, it will depend on how complex your song is. However, a good estimate for mixing and mastering 1 song is between 3and 5 working days.
For full albums, about 2-3 weeks, without counting the revision time which varies a lot from band to band.

How do I send my song/album for mixing?

For every DAW:

• Make sure each file starts at bar one and plays to the end of the song.
• Name every file.
• When ready, zip the folders and title it with your name or band. Please, if you have one, include a rough mix/demo in the folder as well. 

• Upload it to our server via the exclusive link we'll give you.